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        Hi, I’m Lee, I’m a wedding photographer based in Devon, UK, but will travel pretty much anywhere to capture a wedding!

        So, what do you need to know about me? I’m a Fearless wedding award winner, I’ve had my work featured on the likes of Rock My Wedding and BOHO Weddings, and [I hope] by now you’ll know that I shoot in a documentary style, capturing real moments with no awkward posing.

        More importantly however, it’s more about you and what you want! Are you looking for a down to earth photographer to capture your wedding day? Not a nameless wedding vendor, but someone who mingles amongst the guests and captures all the fun and excitement that is your wedding day!? If so, then I’m probably a good fit!

        I’m all about the story telling, whilst you enjoy your wedding day and I document it for you. I’m just an email away, say hello, check availability and ask any questions you want, I would love to hear from you.

        Who books me?

        You want to spend more time laughing, eating cake and dancing rather than posing on your wedding day. Your wedding day is going to be a big celebration and not a photo shoot. You’re happy binging on a boxset together (let’s swap tips!) and love an adventure now and again. You appreciate the memories that photos help capture and you don’t want a nameless wedding vendor taking your photos. You want someone to document your day as you enjoy every second of it. Does that sound like you? If so, we’re probably a good fit! Get in touch, it’d be great to hear from you!

        This is me in three photos. At a wedding, on some travels and out with the family. The first photo is a little bit special for me, it’s the lovely wedding of Izzy and Nick. Two friends I met at my old job before starting wedding photography and I was honoured to be asked to photograph their day. In fact, the whole group is from that old job, it was a great day to capture and catch up with old friends.

        I’m also a bit addicted to visiting the U.S, New York City in particular, I’d be going there every year if I could, damn these pesky kids! I think it’s seven times now I’ve knackered myself out walking through the city, it’s a spectacular place to visit. This is a rare instance that I’ve gone for a selfie, on Top Of The Rock.

        Lastly, it’s me with our eldest daughter, Eve. This is where most of my free time goes, chasing our two girls around parks, pushing swings, feeding ducks and the like! I’ve put together a blog about our family photos from 2017 and how that influences my wedding work. Below is a personal blog series which shows what I get up to outside of weddings.

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