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        I like keeping things genuine, I avoid trends. My aim for my work is to live on for generations to come. I simply document you, your day and what I see in the most sincere way.

        About Me

        I’m a wedding photographer in Devon, and have been for seven years now. I live in Exeter with my wife Rebecca and our two girls. Photography is my creative outlet, I can’t draw or paint but something about taking photos just works and I love it.

        More importantly however, it’s about you and what you want. Are you looking for a down to earth photographer to capture your wedding day? Someone who mingles amongst the guests and works tirelessly to photograph all the fun and excitement that is your wedding day!? If so, then I’m probably a good fit.

        All you need to do is simply enjoy your wedding day, you’ll forget that I’m there. My focus is on delivering something original, something that you look at and experience again and again. Something that you share with future generations. I’m just an email away, say hello, check availability and ask any questions you want, I would love to hear from you.

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        Want to know more?

        So other than being a wedding photographer Devon, the best job there is I think, I’m a dad and a husband. That’s where most of time goes outside of photographing weddings. Down below you’ll find some of our adventures, where I also take on some personal photography projects. I’m a big believer in taking the cameras out away from a wedding, to challenge and inspire, and bring that back to my wedding work. Here’s a Behind The Scenes look at what I love to photograph when not on duty.

        We love to travel! Before the kids the National Parks in America were a favourite of ours, and kept it closer to home in Europe ever since, Italy taking the top spot. I’m a sucker for a music documentary and I’ll challenge anyone on my love and knowledge for The Office. I’m terrible at DIY, but I’m trying to learn Spanish in between editing. When the work is done you’ll find me outside somewhere with some music/podcasts on the go. Below is a behind the scenes look at what I get up to…


        Personal Projects:

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        The Really Geeky Stuff…

        Quite often when couples enquire I’m asked about what photography equipment I choose to use, and I have to be careful because I can talk photography for hours!  So if you’re wondering, I use two Sony a9 full frame (35mm) cameras. I am biased, but they are the perfect wedding cameras. First and foremost they are totally silent, you don’t ever hear the photo being taken. Ideal for those quiet moments and church ceremonies. I opt for prime lenses, often utilising 35mm and 85mm focal lengths. I have two camera bodies because I never want to miss a moment by changing lenses.

        If you’ve got this far you’ll likely already know I want a zero fuss approach to weddings, that means having the equipment I need and nothing else. I don’t like cumbersome lighting rigs and the such, it’s important to me to be mobile. Getting the photo is the main focus. I bring out the flashes for the dance floor action to mix up the lighting options. This is organised when guests are enjoying their food, making sure everything is ready for that big moment of the first dance. I’ve made decisions on the equipment I use, the clothes I wear and my approach to guests to remain discrete and simply let everyone enjoy their day and give them some brilliant photos after.