Answers to the most popular questions from couples planning their wedding day.

Frequently Asked Questions of Devon Wedding Photography

You've likely started the deep dive into your wedding planning, in particular this whole photography business. It's a unique situation when a couple sit down and have a blank slate in how this all works. Working as a wedding photographer for eight years now I've spoken with lots of couples, fielding their interesting questions, and these are some of the most common and may help plan your wedding day.

How long does it take to edit the photos?

Photographers vary wildly in their editing time, often ranging from four to twelve weeks, most typically couples receive their galleries within six to eight weeks. I recommend everyone checking with your chosen photographer what their editing time is like, especially in peak wedding season. In some instances photographers will provide some 'sneak peeks' a day or two after the wedding, to post on social media or share with the family, then get working on the entire set.

The ongoing joke that photographers get from guests is how it's "not bad for a day's work". It's the photo editing process that is the most time consuming element of wedding photography. After the initial back up there are likely thousands of images that need to be culled down to the hundreds that will then be edited and sent to the couple. Additional steps like gallery design and slideshow creation may also be included with your photographer. I personally deliver full galleries within 4-6 weeks, with a slideshow included.

Do I need two photographers at my wedding?

Most UK wedding photographers will work solo on a wedding day, and some businesses will provide an optional extra to include a second photographer if you so wish. There are also some that only work in team, e.g. a husband and wife team. I would advocate that the majority of weddings will have a great selection of images from a single experienced photographer.

In some instances, like a large guest list or having multiple elements to a ceremony, a second photographer may be advantageous. The impact of this will likely affect the number of images you receive, but also influence the experience on the day itself. When considering your photographer it's important to be clear on the experience of the second photographer, and that they match the quality of the primary shooter.

Do wedding photographers edit all the photos?

Wedding photographers will typically provide an online gallery, or a USB drive, with only edited photos included for the couple. However, this is not all the photos from a wedding day, and for good reason. With mirrorless cameras now the most popular tool of choice in the market, because they're silent and more accurate in focusing, it's easier than ever to capture thousands of images during a wedding day. Numbers vary, but up to ten thousand photos is not uncommon.

For a few reasons it is unrealistic to deliver such a high number of images post wedding day. The initial set will be culled down to a more manageable number, often ranging from 500-1000 images, depending upon the type of wedding it was. The duplicate family photos, images with people blinking and miss fires end up on the cutting room floor. Keeping all the great shots for the gallery, fully edited, and easy to enjoy as a collection.

How many hours of wedding photography do I need?

Most UK wedding photographers offer varying hours of coverage, often including an 8, 10 and 12 hour option. I would estimate that couples receive 60-80 images per hour booked. If a photographer has one listed price they are often amenable to being contacted for a bespoke booking, like a micro or destination wedding. Some, like myself, offer all day unlimited coverage.

From experience most wedding days don't often follow the exact schedule made beforehand, examples being catering running behind with service or the band has a technical hiccup during sound check. For this reason, to eliminate any stress on the day or an additional invoice thereafter, I prefer one simple price that covers the entire day, no matter your timeline.

Additional Resources

A great resource to get a full understanding of the wedding market in the UK, and what couples choose for their day, is the Bridebook 2021 survey. If you would like some further information I have a detailed post about my approach to weddings here and I've written a wedding photography guide for couples to get the best out of their photographs too. No wedding is the same and that's why I love this job. It's also why I never use a template to photograph the day. If you have any questions about your wedding day, please do get in touch.

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