Cowdray Estate Wedding Photography

Hannah & Steve

Wedding photographer at Cowdray Estate

Found in West Sussex is Cowdray House, one part of the HUGE Cowdray Estate. This was the wedding venue of choice for Hannah and Steve for their winter wedding. This was my first time as a wedding photographer at Cowdray Estate, and what a day it was. From arrival in the morning the sun was shining, and it didn't really stop, which later lead to some amazing light during the ceremony.

Wedding Photographer at Cowdray Estate

Hannah and Steve both work abroad in the ski industry, so they and lots of family and friends travel to Cowdray Estate for the big day. I started with the bridal preparations where for champagne was flowing and everyone was getting set for the ceremony, held in the spectacular hall just down the corridor. The bridesmaids managed a sneak peek from the above balcony as the wedding guests were arriving and Steve was catching up with friends.

The ceremony itself was amazing, and so interesting to document. It just so happened on this sunny winter afternoon the ceremony was timed perfectly to cast this golden light on Hannah and Steve from the one large window in the room. It turned out to produce one of my favourite wedding ceremony photos. This also was a nice chance to go to the opposite end of the room and escape the heat from the roaring fire!

The day was filled with laughter and it was so much fun to be there and photograph it all. The wedding breakfast was decorated so nicely, it was all so grand. I always try and create something different and new when possible, and with the rare chance to get a top down view I wanted to capture the speeches in this grand setting. By this time, the sunlight was gone for the day and it was a chance to get creative with flashes. This huge room needed three flashes to help create that light.

After a super first dance the band created a great atmosphere before we were treated to an amazing fireworks display in Cowdray's spacious gardens. I took one last chance on a clear night to get a starry night photo before I headed West back home to Devon. I drove home smiling, having really enjoyed a fantastic Cowdray Estate wedding with some super people.

Getting champagne ready at Cowdray Estate
Make up at Cowdray Estate
Bride and bridesmaid getting ready at Cowdray Estate
Waiting groomsmen at Cowdray Estate
Bridesmaid prep at Cowdray Estate
Eager to see the bride at Cowdray Estate
Wedding dress reveal at Cowdray Estate
Bride prepat Cowdray Estate
Putting in the vale at Cowdray Estate
Groomsmen silhouette at Cowdray Estate
Walking down the stairs at Cowdray Estate
Walking down the aisle at Cowdray Estate
Bride and groom at Cowdray Estate
Wedding photographer at Cowdray Estate
Smiling bridesmaids at Cowdray Estate
First kiss at Cowdray Estate
Wedding ceremony at Cowdray Estate
Charcuterie of wedding guest
Wedding photographer at Cowdray Estate
Sunset wedding at Cowdray Estate
Bride at Cowdray Estate
Bride and groom sunset at Cowdray Estate
Wedding speeches at Cowdray Estate
Maid oh honour at Cowdray Estate
Grooms speech at Cowdray Estate
Walking onto the dance floor at Cowdray Estate
First dance at Cowdray Estate
Black and white first dance at Cowdray Estate
Crazy dancing at Cowdray Estate
Dancing at Cowdray Estate
Groom and friend dancing at Cowdray Estate
Surprised bridesmaid at Cowdray Estate
Singing wedding guests at Cowdray Estate
Joining the wedding band at Cowdray Estate
Wedding photography at at Cowdray Estate
Shotski at Cowdray Estate
Wedding fireworks at Cowdray Estate
Kid at wedding enjoying fireworks at Cowdray Estate

Getting married at Cowdray Estate? Get in touch and say hello. I'd love to hear about your day!

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