2018 / Some Of My Favourites

Best wedding photos of 2018 by Lee Maxwell

2018, done and dusted. Simply a brilliant year of photographing weddings and meeting some amazing people along the way. This post was a chance to look back over the past 12 months and re-live those fantastic wedding days. Fantastic because that's what this job is. Being invited to one of the biggest days that a couple experience in their lives and documenting it all for them.

This is more than just a blog post for me. It's an opportunity. Any wedding photographer will tell you that the year can go by in a bit of a blur, especially in the summer. This is a chance to reflect and evaluate. Going through thousands of images and selecting just a few for a post gets you thinking. Appreciation is the first thing that comes to mind. I've travelled more this year compared to any other as a wedding photographer. You can see my Chateau La Durantie wedding photography adventures with Aimee and Jack, and also a family Kefalonia wedding photography from this year. There's been plenty of trips around the UK as well and I'll never under value the trust that people put in me to photograph their wedding.

Like every year before this, I want to keep progressing. 2018 was no different. I made some changes across the board really. Including some modifications to the camera bag, all the way through to how couples receive their images, and I'm pleased that they all worked out. The notepad is already busy with thoughts for 2019.

2018 Wedding Photography Collection

So this is it, 100 or so images from the year. In no particular order these are some of my favourites, which in itself is a subjective thing. These are some of the shots that make me smile and re-live a moment. That to me is wedding photography. The last words have to go to the amazing people that booked me as their wedding photographer, thank you. Thank you so very much, it's been a blast.

Bride enjoying the party
Mum helping bride with dress
Bride swinging with bridesmaids
Wedding party at sunset
Bride walking downstairs to dad
Amazing light during wedding ceremony
Groom dropped into the sea
Having a kiss and drink
Sunset walk at wellington barn
Playing cricket at wedding
Football in the pool
Groomsmen pulling down trousers
Bride's entrance at chateau la durance
Bride hugging dad after speech
Spanking on the dance floor
Mum and bride leaving room
Mum signing register
Laughing at speech
Bride and groom at Tracey estate
Mum walking downstairs
Grandparents drinking tequila
Confetti run at country ways
Kids playing with grass
First dance as married couple
Sunset at Devon wedding
Groomsmen piggy back
Hilarious wedding speech
Surprise confetti response
Drinking games
Granddad signing book
Wedding portrait by the sea
Crazy drunken dancing
Wedding garden games
Bride and groom walking at sunset
Hughe bouquet throw by bride
Group dance at wedding
Stormy sunset nigh
Late night dancing at wedding
Bridal prep with lipstick
Couple dancing at wedding
Relaxed wedding portrait in field
Drunken hugs
Playing Mr and Mrs
Bride laughing out loud
After ceremony celebration
Couple walking in the sea
Waling down chateau stairs
Top down view of wedding breakfast
Kid pulling funny face at wedding
Confetti run at summer wedding
Kid paying tug of war
Confetti bucket in face
Cartwheels inside
Great kid dancing
Relaxed wedding portrait black and white
Everyone laughing at speech
Dancing bridesmaids
Pulling off the garter
Bride putting on necklace
Walking away after ceremony
Busy bridal prep
Guest high on swing
Intense daning at wedding
Confetti at Old Vicarage
Bow ties off at wedding
Falling Jenga tower
First dance
Happy gran at wedding
Wedding portrait in France
Funny face for photo
Greek dancing at wedding
Wedding portrait in winter sun
Picking up wife at wedding
Ties on head dancing
Bridesmaids going downstairs
Hacka at wedding in France
Dad trying to do floss dance
Wedding portrait at Old Vicarage, Nottingham
Great kid dancing
Dance like nobody is watching
First dance at barn wedding
Wedding guests chatting in Kefalonia
Falling over at wedding
Smiling bridesmaids
Singing bride
Private moment at wedding
Groom struggling with tie
Couple laughing during portrait
Greek wedding first dance
Somersaults in the pool
Fun dancing at destination wedding
Laughing bride and groom
Wedding guest joining in the band
Bride hug
Groom kissing bride
Laughing on the dance floor
Sunset silhouette at West Sussex wedding
Laughing during speech
Shotski at wedding party
Great party atmosphere at wedding

Made it this far!? Thanks for checking it out and hope you liked it. If you or someone you know is getting married get in touch and say hello, I'm just an email away. Feel free to share this post on social media, tag a friend or leave a comment. As always, it's greatly appreciated.

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