Chateau La Durantie Wedding Photography

Aimee & Jack

Where do I begin? What a wedding day, well, weekend this was! This was my first time for some Chateau La Durantie wedding photography, and it did not disappoint. Aimee & Jack got married at Chateau La Durantie, in France. A beautiful chateau, found in the Dordogne region, with stunning grounds and views for miles. Aimee & Jack, with their family and friends, travelled from the UK to celebrate their wedding day at the chateau. I know a lot of careful planning went into this wedding, and it was an absolute joy to photograph.

I stayed in the nearby town of Lanouaille, just a 20 minute walk away, so it was a first for me taking a morning stroll along the orchards and vineyards to start my day. Beginning with preparations in the bridal suite it was a chilled start to the day. The groomsmen got ready in the pool room downstairs, where Jack was the first to succeed in tying his bow tie, and quickly became the expert to help everyone else!

Wedding Photographer at Chateau La Durantie

It wasn't long before we found ourselves outside in the gorgeous weather for the ceremony, held in the beautiful chateau gardens. It was a lovely service and with some live music it was off for drinks and speeches. Jack and Tom, the best men, did their best to let Aimee know what she signed up for (like she didn't already know!), but with the jokes aside everyone had such lovely things to say about these two.

After taking a stroll around the chateau in the evening light it was time for the party to begin. Now, I love my music, and appreciate a good band at a wedding, but accept that the kind of music I enjoy in the car or at home won't be heard on the dance floor. This time, I was wrong! With confetti flying everywhere from the first dance, through to the very end, it was tune after tune, ending with Rage Against The Machine. If you're thinking that doesn't work, trust me, it does! A fantastic night to end a fanatic wedding day! Come 1am, it was time to pack my bag and take a stroll along the orchards again, with a smile on my face.

"OMG! Where do we start. These photos are just amazing! It’s documented the day so well and we just love them... We are so overwhelmed with them - I’m sure we will look through them 100 times over."

-Aimee & Jack

Tips for Chateau La Durantie Wedding

This wedding was also featured in French Wedding Style, you can read Aimee and Jack's advice on how they planned their France destination wedding and what wedding suppliers they utilised.

About the Venue

It's hard to name a better wedding venue for couples who are seeking a destination wedding. Chateau La Durantie is clearly a beautiful location, that's a big selling point. But along with stunning grounds to explore it also is a great venue foe travelling guests. It has accommodation on site for 34 guests, plus the nearby town of Lanouaille is a short walk away and provides accommodation and local shops for everyone to enjoy. In addition the nearby airports of Bergerac and Limoges are great connection points for UK travellers especially. The wedding team have hosted more than 400 weddings, and experience matters when it comes to planning a destination wedding.

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