Sudeley Castle Wedding Photography

Laura & James

Ah, the summer. What a beauty it was this year. The year where the sun seemed to come out for every Saturday wedding, and in the middle of that lovely heat wave Laura & James got married at the beautiful Sudeley Castle in the Cotswolds. Heading north up the M5, this was my first time as a wedding photographer Sudeley Castle, and what a beautiful setting it is to hold a wedding. The day started in nearby Cheltenham with Laura getting ready with family and friends. Talking plans with Laura and James in the weeks leading to the wedding day I had high hopes for what a great day this would be to photograph, but nothing prepares you for the warm hospitality you receive from a lovely bunch of people on a wedding morning. Before we knew it, it was time to head off to meet James at the church. The heat wave was in full swing, and those 400 year old thick church walls insulate well! James may have been feeling it towards the end of the ceremony. After a fun run through confetti it was off to Sudeley Castle itself for the reception.

Sudeley Castle Wedding Photographer

Laura and James are big fans of games, so it was great to hear they were planning a treasure hunt around the castle grounds. A puzzle for wedding guests to figure out and win prizes, competitive spirits were high! Another surprise for the guests, including Laura, were singing waiters. Dressed as catering staff throughout the day, they created a bit of a scene by ‘accidentally’ dropping a tray of spoons before getting on the mic and knocking out some opera. Yep, opera! With the initial shock over, everyone got involved in some singing and dancing to the Friends theme and some Bruno Mars. Shout out to Beth and Kevin from Undercover Artists for creating such a great atmosphere. It was a fun night of dancing and celebration and I drove home with a big smile on my face. For my first visit as a Sudeley Castle wedding photographer I couldn’t have asked for a nicer wedding day, a real treat! Thank you to Sarah at Sudeley Castle for helping co-ordinate such a brilliant wedding day. Here’s a selection from Laura and Jame’s Sudeley Castle wedding day…

Bridal hair getting ready for Sudeley Castle Kids having fun in garden Mother of the bride chatting with daughter for Sudeley Castle wedding Top down view of parent talking with bride Bridesmaid with disposable camera Putting in the vail Mother of the bride coming downstairs Bride getting ready to leave Bridesmaids waiting at church at Sudeley Castle wedding Groomsmen at church Sudeley Castle wedding Sudeley Castle wedding ceremony Bride and groom listening to vicar Hot church Mother of the groom signing register Sudeley Castle on wedding day Groomsman doing treasure hunt at Sudeley Castle People figuring out clues at Sudeley Castle Guests trying to win game at Sudeley Castle weddingFunny speeches at Sudeley Castlewedding photographer Sudeley Castle wedding photographer Sudeley Castle surprise singing waitress at Sudeley castle Singing waiter at Sudeley Sastle wedding photographer Sudeley Castle Singing guests at Sudeley Castle wedding First dance at Sudeley Castle wedding Hugging guest Great dining at wedding Little child dancing Sudeley Castle wedding at night

Are you planning a wedding at Sudeley Castle? Looking for a Sudeley Castle wedding photographer? Feel free to get in touch, I’m just an email away and love to hear what you have planned for your wedding day.

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