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        2020 / Some Of My Favourites

        Well, we weren’t expecting that were we! My word, 2020 put a rather big spanner in the works. Looking back over these last 12 months I still can’t quite believe the impact that Coronavirus has had on peoples lives. In my little world of weddings A LOT of patience has been asked of couples with multiple restrictions and rule changes throughout the year, and before I write any more I want to express my gratitude to those who have powered through or had to make difficult decisions about their wedding day.

        At the end of each year I like to post a collection of some of my favourite wedding images, and if I’m honest I didn’t think this year I would do so. With everything else going on, would it be OK to put out such a post? In a strange year that I was lucky enough to photograph eleven weddings, but only one of which I was present from morning to night, photographing mostly ‘snippets’ of the day, would I have enough to share? Then I thought no. Screw you 2020, you’ve been making decisions for me plenty this year and I want to share the positive experiences I had with some amazing people.

        Devon & Cornwall Wedding Photography

        In a year that should have chalked up a record number of images taken and miles travelled, I ended up sticking within the beautiful home counties of Devon and Cornwall. I had an early start to my wedding season with Kelly and Lenny in January, before we knew really what was coming our way. As the year rolled on a lot of people were told their wedding day couldn’t happen, or had limitations put upon them.

        From that I got to see pure determination and joy from couples who were going to have their wedding day, no matter what. Changing a venue, changing their date or amending the guest list are just a few examples of this. What was important was getting married, and from chatting with everyone that seams to be the takeaway this year. As traditions and trends change it’s been a re-calibration of what weddings can be. Boiling down to the absolute essentials and still loving their day.

        I was so excited for 2020, and it was almost taken away. I can’t lie, there were times of peak stress when so much was unknown, but likewise times of elation getting back to something like normal and loving this job for everything it offers. Thank you to the couples featured below who took me on their roller coaster wedding journey, and for those who had to make that hard decision to postpone, I can’t wait to see your big day.

        So here we are, no big party shots, no fireworks, no cutting the cake, just simply a collection of lovely people getting hitched in 2020 with no selection in mind other than happiness…


        If you’ve scrolled all the way to here, thank you. I hope you enjoyed this collection of work from 2020. For what was a crazy year for everyone I consider myself lucky that at least in part I was able to keep in touch with this wonderful wedding world. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, please do get in touch.


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