Bickham Barn Wedding Photography

Lucy & Jake

Wedding photography at Bickham Barn

Nestled on the edge of Exeter, near Kenn, you'll find Bickham Barn, a wonderful location for a barn wedding and the venue of choice for Lucy and Jake. This was my first visit as a wedding photographer at Bickham Barn, and what a treat it was. Lucy and Jake put soooo much thought and effort into their plans. As a working farm with a rustic feel there was essentially a blank canvas to build their own theme. From individually cut out paper shapes to mounting Jake's triathlon bike to the barn roof, there were so many little details to be found.

Wedding Photographer at Bickham Barn

My day started with the ceremony, at what I think is the closest church to my house, I can walk there within minutes. The beauty of this church is the space, and feeling welcomed as a photographer with space to capture the ceremony is the perfect combination. After the ceremony it was off to Bickham Barn, including a photography first for me, raising a wedding flag! One of the many personal touches I discovered throughout the day. After some lovely canapés everyone headed into the barn for speeches, including a brilliant PowerPoint presentation (not the kind you get at work!) from the best man.

We headed out for some photos in the evening, including a cheeky display from the groomsmen, which I hope was a 'pleasant' surprise for Lucy and Jake for when they opened their gallery! It was a fantastic night of fun and laughter, which included a sparkler line. These are always fun, but when the sparklers are lit via a ginormous blowtorch, you know it it's a good'n! The end of the night was marshmallows over the bonfire, a fantastic send off to a great wedding day!

"Everyone has two smiles - your posing for a camera smile and a pure belly laughing smile - Lee Maxwell is able to capture both of these smiles with amazing pictures. If you are looking for a photographer who is like a fly on the wall capturing all the special moments from your wedding day then Lee is your go to photographer. From the beginning Lee was easy to talk to and understood our vision of our wedding day. On the wedding day he was happy to go with any ideas as well as adapting to a new venue he had not been to before. We cannot thank Lee enough for all the amazing pictures we have of our wedding day to look back on."

- Lucy & Jake

Personalised wedding stationary
Waiting at the church
Bridesmaids arriving
Laughing groom at ceremony
Wedding ceremony in Exeter
Smiling bride and groom
Confetti at St Thomas Methodist Church
Confetti on the floor
Bickham Barn in Devon
Bride and groom entrance to Bickham Barn
Welcoming wedding guests
DIY wedding flag
Speech from dad
Laughing wedding guests
Embarrassed from during speech
Laughing during formal photos
Groomsmen pull prank on couple
Bride and groom taking a walk
First dance
Wedding photography at Bickham Barn
Selfie at wedding
Polaroid prints at wedding
Flame thrower at wedding
Wedding photography at Bickham Barn
Roasting marsh mellows at wedding

If you're getting married at Bickham Barn, get in touch and say hello. If this is the kind of wedding photography you're after it'd be great to hear your plans.

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