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        Tracey Estate Wedding Photography

        Ellie & Nick

        Wedding photography at Tracey Estate, Devon

        Sometimes it’s tricky to write a blog, you just don’t know where to start because it’s such an amazing wedding and there’s so much to write about! [Tapping the desk], where to begin, Let’s see…

        This was my first time as a wedding photographer at Tracey Estate, in Devon. It was a beaut of a summer’s day, and after arriving I look down at the garden (doesn’t really seem to do it justice) where the ceremony will be held, and it’s nothing like I’ve seen before for a wedding day. Always a good start! I met Ellie and Nick long before the big day, and they had a clear idea of what kind of wedding they wanted, and the type of wedding photography they were after. To put it simply, they didn’t care about the ‘classic wedding traditions’. No cutting the cake, no first dance, just a day to celebrate with family and friends. Nick is a photographer in his free time, and we may have been a little guilty of talking apertures rather than wedding plans during our meet up…

        Weddings At Tracey Estate, Devon

        The whole day went by in a blur, it was an absolute joy to photograph. Starting with the ceremony itself and long into the night with the crazy dance moves. Ellie and Nick set up some fun gardens games, and we were treated to some lovely evening light before heading into the marquee for the dancing. It was a tie on the head kind of night. My favourite. The whole day had a fun chilled vibe to it all. Just proving that you can do your wedding however you want. Here’s some of my favourite photos from this Tracey Estate wedding…

        Tracey Estate wedding day Bridesmaids walking to ceremony Bridal party walking to the ceremony at Tracey estate Bride walking down the aisle Wedding ceremonyGroom smiling with bride Sumer wedding ceremony outside Tracey Estate wedding photography Husband and wife walking away Wedding photographer at Tracey Estate, bride on swing Funny wedding speechesLaughing dad Wedding guest taking photo on swing Wedding photography at Tracey Estate Sunset at Tracey Estate wedding Guests playing bowls Throwing a frisbeeFalling jenga tower Singing groomsmen Picking up partner for dancing Rugby tackled on dance floorDancing in a huddle Laughing bride in a hug Tying a tie on head Wedding photography at Tracey Estate, Devon

        If you’re planning a wedding at Tracey Estate, get in touch and say hello. If this is the kind of wedding photography you’re after it’d be great to hear your plans.


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