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        My Approach To Wedding Photography

        It’s an over used term, but I love being a storyteller, not a story maker. The fun, tears, emotion and craziness are all captured for you to remember in years to come. I honestly think that it’s the best approach to wedding photography, always looking for the creative image, but the moment captured trumps everything! The most common advice I see about weddings from recently married couples is that the day goes by so quickly, I want you to take in every minute possible. I’ll be documenting the day as you enjoy it.

        This is a sample of how I approach weddings. Weddings are jam packed with moments, big and small, and that’s my focus throughout a wedding day. I’m a solo shooter, it’s more discrete that way, and I utilise natural light most of the day. I won’t ask you to look at the camera and ‘say cheese!’ and I can be there all day from beginning to end. Below is a breakdown of a wedding day with some stories about some of the photo film images…


        Unobtrusive and in amongst it, that’s the key. Not afraid to get on the dance floor and get those crazy dance moves but just as comfortable capturing a quiet moment and never interrupting it. It’s your wedding day, and there will be hundreds of moments and stories to photograph. I want to record the whole day, from laughter to tears, hugs to dancing, and I’ll approach it from a variety of angles and compositions. My photography is focused on people, they tell the story and they’re what create a unique collection of wedding images.

        Natural wedding photography unposed


        Fun. I want your set of images to show how much fun you and your friends had on your wedding day. Every wedding is different, I love the variety of it all. Giant swings, tequila shots, hilarious speeches and early morning swims, I’ve documented so much laughter. My approach to photographing weddings is to encourage the fun and never distract from it. There’s no long photo shoot to go through, no staging moments, just letting you be you and recording all the smiles from morning to night.

        Fun dance floor at wedding party


        Do I take portraits? Yes, absolutely. It’s typically just a 15 minute stroll around the venue to find a quiet spot with some nice light. However, you’re not surrounded by a cumbersome lighting rig and there’s no ‘1,2,3…cheese!’. Like the rest of the wedding day, relaxed and natural is the focus. No two portraits are the same, it’s the people that make it unique, just letting you be yourselves. No complicated staging of angling of heads, just capturing genuine moments when two people are together.

        Sunset wedding portrait