My Approach to Weddings

Discrete & in amongst it. That’s my pitch for my style. Ideal for couples who want to enjoy their day and have their personalities shine in their photos. I create a unique collection of wedding photos and that’s done by focusing on the people and the moments on the day and not staging anything.

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In this stage of your planning you've likely seen labels such as 'documentary', 'natural' and 'reportage' wedding photographer. This is a good sign, we're likely a good fit, but let's go deeper than a website catchphrase. My approach to photographing weddings is to encourage the fun and never distract from it. I want to record the whole day, from laughter to tears, hugs to dancing, and I'll approach it from a variety of angles and compositions.

"Lee managed to capture every bit of laughter, fun and tears and I didn't even notice he was there. He was very much part of the wedding family by the end"

the breakdown

100% Authenticity


I love this job because of the variety it offers. This isn’t possible by having a checklist of images, but creatively documenting real moments. I’m grateful to have worked with some amazing couples, and their feedback means the world to me, in particular when they feel like I wasn’t there. Creating images they loved, whilst feeling like I didn’t interrupt a moment, is always the goal.

The Dance Floor


I love a good dance floor! I’m still surprised by this relic mindset of photographers leaving after the first dance. I embrace natural light all day long, but come dancing time I bring out the lights. Nothing too intense, just some ‘pop’. Often when everyone is enjoying their food I’ll join the band setting up, putting a small light up here and there, ready to go.

Family Photos


This often brings out the fear in couples, either that they will take too long or a photographer like me won’t be up for taking them. Rest assured, neither is true for me. Every wedding has some portrait time. We can grab some great photos with family in a no fuss fashion, and they can still hang proud in the family home. Often in canapé hour, at your convenience, 20 minutes & done!


Absolutely no 1,2,3...cheese

Wedding portraits can provide that little bit of sparkle to a couple's gallery. However there is no need to worry about the dreaded awkward posing. For me, taking a moment around sunset provides a great chance to relax and enjoy some time together as a couple. There's no looking into the camera with stiff shoulders, but picking some good light and framing to simply let you be yourselves.

Relaxed Flexibility

Calm over Chaos

I think it's an often over looked consideration when choosing a wedding supplier, how are they on the wedding day itself? Photos are what I create, but I take a lot of pride in how I achieve that on the day. I'm there to contribute to the energy, never subtract. Being a professional problem solver is what can make a photographer great! I don't care if timings over run, I'm there for you and to help get the best photos possible.

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