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        Photographer of People,
        at Weddings...

        Weddings are amazing, wonderful things. It may just be the one single day where all friends and family are in one place, smiling, laughing, dancing. That's why I do this job, to capture this unique moment and provide something that contributes to your family history and legacy.


        I search for images that show how much fun you had at the wedding. My approach to photographing weddings is to encourage the fun and never distract from it. There’s no long photo shoot to go through, no staging moments, just letting you be you and recording all the smiles from morning to night.


        I want to record the whole day, from laughter to tears, hugs to dancing, and I’ll approach it from a variety of angles and compositions. My photography is focused on people, they tell the story and they’re what create a unique collection of wedding images. Every wedding is different, I love the variety of it all.


        The most common advice I see about weddings from recently married couples is that the day goes by so quickly, I want you to take in every minute possible. The fun, tears, emotion and craziness are all captured for you to remember in years to come. Weddings are full of moments, big and small, and that’s the story told in images.


        “…we are so thankful to Lee for capturing every happy face, every emotional moment & giving us the best memories from the most incredible day of our lives.”

        Wedding Photography Style

        Discrete & in amongst it

        That’s my short pitch for my wedding photographer devon style. I’m pretty low key as a person, no stress, and I carry that into my work. I love moulding to the day and providing a true reflection of the wedding. I don’t do this by walking the outskirts, I mingle amongst the guests and capture the natural moments. I avoid trends, in style of shooting and editing, I create a unique collection of wedding photos and that’s done by focusing on the people and the moments on the day and not staging anything. I’m grateful to have worked with some amazing people, and their feedback means the the world to me, in particular when they feel like I wasn’t there. Odd right? Creating wedding images they loved, whilst feeling like I didn’t interrupt a moment, is always the goal.

        I do this job because I love it. I’m not shy about saying how amazing it is, that enthusiasm is carried into each wedding. It’s an opportunity to photograph a unique moment in life, which I feel can be valued for generations to come. From the initial lead up, working hard on the wedding itself to carefully editing the images thereafter, it all plays a part. If you have any questions take a look at my pricing and FAQs, or if you’d like to check availability, please do get in touch.

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