Why shoot in a documentary style?

Because I think it provides the honest, real moments. Because I enjoy it. And because I've always been a terrible subject to photograph when asked to 'stop and smile' myself. I think there must be others who struggle with this, and as a result I specialise in a documentary style. It's my focus on the day and I've invested in the right equipment that allows me to do just that. I've now lost track the amount of times wedding guests have thanked me for that approach, because they now have a photo that shows everyone that they are enjoying themselves.

Devon Wedding Photographer Dancing

Do you shoot 'formal' photos?

Yes, almost every wedding has them. They're an important aspect of the day to a lot of people. If you're good in front of camera, show it off! And if like me you're not, I'll do my best to help you feel relaxed about the whole process. For group photos I recommend keeping this below 10 different shots, you'll be surprised how much of the day can be consumed if it goes much higher. For couple photos it changes with every wedding and I'm happy to work within what you feel comfortable with. Typically it's 20 minutes of your day walking off to a quieter place to shoot.


How do you interact with the guests?

Relaxed and low key is the direct and simple answer. I will not shout across the room to stop someone for a photo, likewise I will not interfere with a private moment. My job is to be discrete and capture important moments. I will chat with guests, build rapport, let them know what I'm doing so throughout the day they become more relaxed, and as a result I increase my chances of getting better photographs. Weddings are a day of celebration, for everyone to enjoy, that's why I do this job, to be a part of the celebration and provide photographs to capture those important moments.


Are you available to travel?

Absolutely. I'm based in Exeter, Devon, but happy to travel anywhere, home or abroad. I have three structured pricing options, two cover travel throughout the South West and one provides full UK coverage. If your wedding is abroad, it's just a case of travel and accommodation being covered and we're good to go!

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What's the booking process?

Get in touch and let me know some of the details of your big day. If I'm available for that date then let's meet for a coffee, obligation free of course, so you make an informed decision. If geography makes a meeting impossible then a Skype call is an option as well. If you're happy to proceed then a signed booking form and a paid deposit (£250) books the date. You can of course get in touch anytime once booked and ask questions, share ideas etc... Closer to the wedding day I'll get in touch and confirm final details.


How do we receive the images?

You'll receive a USB drive will all your images, including one set of high resolution files and second set designed to be shared online. You'll also have your private online gallery for friends and family to access, share and download. The copyright remains with me, but there is no watermark and every file is restriction free. This means you are welcome to post online, share and print however you like.


Insurance/backup equipment, do you have it?

Yes. I have insurance that covers my equipment, professional indemnity and public liability. If your venue requires proof of this just let me know and I'll provide the certificates. I have at least 2 of everything in my camera bag. Including shooting with two memory cards within my camera, so as soon as I click the shutter button there are two identical copies made, just in case!


Are you flexible on timings/plans?

Absolutely. I offer three structured options which can start whenever it fits your day best. This does not include the travel time, it's coverage from prep to dancing, if you want it. If you would like more coverage then just let me know, I can easily provide a bespoke price. Likewise, if your plans don't require a full day of photography and you're wondering if you can still enquire, please do. This is particularly an option when you have a mid-week or 'out of summer' wedding.