Winter Wedding at Deer Park

Bethany & Michael

Christmas wedding at Deer Park Devon

What a wedding day! I walked away with dirty knees from the epic dance floor action and with a big smile on my face. This was my fourth time as a wedding photographer at Deer Park, there always seems to be a new feature for the couples to enjoy every time I come back here. I met Bethany and Michael close to a year before the big day, and they were bringing friends and family from across Cornwall to visit. Click here if you want to see more of my Deer Park Wedding Photography.

Wedding Morning

I've said before in blog posts that the morning of a wedding day sets the tone for what's to come, and in this case it was full of laughter. Looking back I think it was hard to get an image that didn't include a big smile or laughter. Bethany was getting ready with her bridesmaids, just a short walk from the ceremony room in the orangery downstairs, with what can be described as an eclectic playlist on the go. If you're wondering, it included the likes of B*Witched and Notorious B.I.G. Michael and his groomsmen were getting ready in the treehouse making sure there wasn't a drop of port left and getting those last wrinkles out of the ties!

It was a lovely ceremony. There are some fantastic registrars working in Devon, and they really add something to the wedding ceremony. Upon the exit back down the aisle it's fair to say I was a little surprised by the loud confetti cannons!

Wedding Reception

Bethany and Michael's wedding was in early December, but we were treated to some great weather, as long as you could brave the cold! We did experience some drizzle come the evening but not enough to stop the fireworks from happening! The speeches included a couple of surprises, one of Bethany's bridesmaids happened to be sharing her birthday with the wedding day, so out comes a caterpillar cake! Poor Michael fell victim to a stag do requirement, always have your playing card on your person when called upon, or down your drink!

The wedding day ended with some great dance floor action, not forgetting the fifteen minute version of the 5ive Mega Mix and the dance routine to Whigfield's Saturday Night. The dance off was my highlight to photograph in the evening, there was one clear winner, and I'll let you guess who that was...

Bride prep at Deer Park
Laughing Bridemaid
Laughing bride
Happy mum on wedding morning
Bridal prep
Big laugh with bride
Happy bridal prep
Chatting groomsmen
Groom drinking port
Ironing ties
Getting into the wedding dress
Hugs with dad
First look at wedding dress
Wedding entrance at Deer Park
Bride meets groom
Proud Mum
Happy wedding ceremony at Deer Park
First kiss at Deer Park
Confetti cannons
Groom hugs dad
Wedding hugs
Happy guests
Hugs with bride
Deer Park wedding portrait
Bride and groom at Deer Park
Sunset at Deer Park, Devon
Maid of honour speech
Great groom's speech
Hugs with best man
Groom downs drink
Happy wedding hugs
Wedding fireworks at Deer Park
Wedding guests watch fireworks at Deer Park
Cutting cake at Deer Park
First dance at Deer Park
First dance at Deer Park wide angle
Dancing at Deer Park
Epic wedding party at Deer Park
Dancing guests
Whigfield dancing at wedding
Wedding bride dance off
Dancing bridesmaid
Dancing bride
Wedding guest dance off
Happy bride dancing
Drinking games at Deer Park
Guests on dance floor

If you're seeing this whilst planning your Deer Park wedding, get in touch, I'm just an email away and It'd be great to hear what you have planned.

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