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        Wedding Photographer Upton Barn

        Creative, natural and fun wedding photography at Upton Barn, Devon

        Upton Barn, what a venue! This was my third vista as a wedding photographer at Upton Barn for Gemma & Jason, and lucky to also be shooting there next year as well. I’m a documentary wedding photographer by trade, someone who focuses on the natural moments of a wedding day and less about posing, and this was the vision that Gemma and Jason had for their wedding photography. This is a sample of their day, you can see their full Upton Barn wedding as well.

        Wedding ceremony at Upton Barn

        Despite being a June wedding, the weather on the day was playing tricks with everyone. Plans were to have an outdoor ceremony in the beautiful gardens, but just before getting started the heavens opened. Gemma persevered and decided to keep everything outside. With an umbrella to walk down the aisle with her dad it made for interesting wedding photos I thought. The gamble paid off, just moments later all was fine and the ceremony went off without a hitch. There may have been some spilt Coke on the wedding dress later, but that’s another story. Upton Barn has a variety of options for weddings, and it came in handy for this one. If you’re planning an Upton Barn wedding please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

        Are you getting married at Upton Barn? I’m a wedding photographer who loves documenting weddings, capturing genuine moments. I have my pricing details available and see how I approach a wedding day, and if this is the type of wedding photography you’re after please do get in touch and check availability, I’d love to hear your Upton Barn wedding plans.