Wedding Game Ideas

Weddings games! Almost every wedding has them in some shape or form. A way for guests to socialise, meet each other and share a laugh over a canapé. As a wedding photographer Devon I’ve had the joy of witnessing some fantastic wedding games and here are a selection of some of my favourites to inspire you for your wedding day.

Six Ideas For A Fun & Social Wedding Game

  1. Giant Jenga. This may be the most common garden game for a wedding, and for good reason. A game for all ages to help get that competitive spirit going. This giant Jenga from a Bridwell wedding photography. It was a lot of fun and ended in disaster/hilarity. It’s easily found online nowadays, but also can be done for a DIY wedding. You can also include some challenges or drinking games hidden on the slabs.

2. Lawn croquet. Supplied by many wedding venues now with lawn space, croquet is great game for a wedding day. Allowing guests to casually play a game with a drink in hand, it always goes down well. This croquet game as a Upton Barn wedding photography provided entertainment for hours but doesn’t intrude on other guests. A quick tip is to supply a basic rule book to help understand the game, not everyone knows the ins and outs.

3. Tug of War. Designed for a competitive bunch, a game of tug of war is a fun activity for the wedding schedule. With a bit of rope and a flag marker you’re on your way!

4. A Treasure Hunt. This Sudeley Castle wedding photography provided a rare treat, a treasure hunt! Born out of the bride and groom’s love for board games they brought what they enjoy to their guests for everyone to get stuck in! In the wonderful grounds of Sudeley Castle they designed a game or riddles and clues to tour the grounds and win a treasure chest full of treats. A perfect bespoke game for the DIY wedding enthusiast.

5. Velcro. It’s a generic name, but velcro games are always fun and comes in many forms. I love Shilstone House wedding photography and this one provided Velcro darts. This may be the biggest expense on this list of mostly home crafted wedding games, but it was a huge talking point at this wedding. It’s unique, that’s for sure!

6. Volley Ball. A ball and a net, it’s so simple, but so fun. Available from many outlets it’s a wedding game to include lots of friends and maybe a grass stain or two.

these are six ideas for wedding games that I’ve seen as wedding photographer. If you’re planning your wedding day and want to know more, please get in touch.

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