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        It’s time for number three in the mini series of ‘rewind’, where I look back at images from weddings I’ve captured in recent years and pick eight of my favourites.

        Now, there is no proper definition of how to make this list, but it’s simply eight photos that I love and speak out to me. They might not even be in the portfolio, but I like them because of what they represent in that moment in time.

        Wedding Ceremony

        This time it’s looking at the ceremony itself. If I’m honest, I don’t see a lot of wedding ceremony photos out there in social media/blogs. The posed couple shots later in the day, sure, and lots of confetti images too, but the ceremony seems undervalued to me, image wise. It’s true that it’s often the trickiest part of the day to shoot. It’s typically poor light and the photographer might have restrictions of where they can go, but if done right, it generates some great opportunities for photos.

        In these images I can see lots of little moments, those quick glances of happiness, often focused on their spouse to be, surrounded by friends and family. Whether it’s Amy and Paul beaming with joy being announced husband and wife or Megan having a quiet smile to herself whilst everyone signs their hymn, it’s what all the hard work has been for, actually getting married!

        Lee Maxwell is a Devon wedding photographer available for weddings across the South West and UK. I would love to hear about your wedding day, get in contact, I’m just an email away.


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