[BTS] No.23 We Are Scientists

Bristol / Trinity Centre

It’s been a minute. Close to a year since I last posted a Behind The Scenes blog. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to share these images. Ok, here’s the story…

We Are Scientists are a fantastic band. Everyone has their band right? The band they discovered at album one and followed ever since. This is that band for me.

So with my wedding season coming to a close I felt I could be a bit more adventurous in other photo endeavours. Those who follow these posts know I love taking my cameras for other projects to challenge and evolve in what I do for a living. So when the opportunity came to photograph We Are Scientists at the Trinity Centre in Bristol I jumped at the chance!

To see them up close with camera in hand was a dream come true. To some regular music photographers it’s their bread and butter, but for me this was a surreal moment. Who would have thought in 2008 playing their album on repeat that I would be photographing their gig in 2021.

Coach Party / Support Band

(Soooo good!)

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