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        Upton Barn & Walled Garden Wedding

        Fun wedding photography at Upton Barn & Walled Garden

        Upton Barn & Walled garden is a wonderful wedding venue, still relatively new to the Devon scene, it’s very quickly become a wedding hot spot. This is the lovely summer wedding of Gemma and Jason, this was my third visit to Upton Barn & Walled Garden as a wedding photographer (I wasn’t lying about the wedding hotspot!), and it was so much fun to shoot.

        After getting ready at the nearby Upton Lodges, the main event was planned to be in the walled garden, why wouldn’t it be in the summer right!? Well, as luck had it, the heavens opened just before Gemma made her entrance, but she braved through it and not too long after the skies relented and we were treated to a lovely wedding ceremony. This is a small sample, you can see more of their Upton Barn wedding photography.

        Gemma and Jason are the perfect couple to photograph. Gemma organises events in her day job, and that skill came in handy when planning her own wedding. But also, they were so laid back about the whole day, just taking it all in and enjoying the wedding ride. Even when Gemma has spilt Coke on her lovely wedding dress it’s responded to with smiles and laughter, just a quick clean up and back to the the festivities. If you’re planning an Upton Barn wedding, get in touch and say hello!

        Planning a wedding at Upton Barn & Walled Garden? I’m a wedding photographer who loves documenting weddings, capturing genuine moments. I have my pricing details available and see how I approach a wedding day, and if this is the type of wedding photography you’re after please do get in touch and check availability, I’d love to hear your Upton Barn wedding plans.