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        Tidwell Farm Wedding Photographer

        Wedding Photography at Anran, Tidwell Farm, Devon

        Tidwell Farm, AKA Anran, is a truly unique wedding venue. Tucked away in the Devon hills it’s a balance between the modern and rustic, including a huge green house, of sorts, to hold the wedding reception. Helen and Paul got married in the summer, but you wouldn’t know it from the weather, there wasn’t a moment the clouds let up, from morning to night it rained and rained. This was my first visit to Tidwell Farm as a wedding photographer, and I was so excited to capture the day, no matter the weather. Helen and Paul also went about their day as planned, taking it all in with their family and friends.

        Wedding day at Tidwell Farm

        This is a small selection from the day, you can see lots more of Helen and Paul’s Anran wedding. The day started at Anran’s accommodation, in which I captured one of my favourite wedding preparation photos with Helen’s bag as the focus, of all things! The ceremony itself was at the nearby church, as always respecting the ‘house rules’ and on this occasion asked to keep at the back of the church, but still trying to keep creative with the angles. With all the weddings I’ve photographed, I’ve yet to find a bigger contrast in styling with the iron sheets and chandelier lighting for the first dance, I loved it! If you’re getting married at Tidwell Farm, get in touch and check availability.

        Getting married at Tidwell Farm in Devon? I’m a wedding photographer who loves documenting weddings, capturing genuine moments. I have my pricing details available and see how I approach a wedding day, and if this is the type of wedding photography you’re after please do get in touch and check availability, I’d love to hear your Tidwell Farm wedding plans. I’m all about capturing the moments while you enjoy the day!