St Audries Park Wedding Photography

Emily & Jack

(Updated 2024)

This was my first time as a wedding photographer at St Audries Park in Somerset, and I was rather excited to head a little north for Emily and Jack's wedding day. St Audries Park was one of those 'bucket list' venues for me, and when someone like Emily. who's so lovely, gets in contact about her big day just 5 months ahead of the wedding, then it's all systems go!

Wedding Photograph at St Audries Park

So, one cloudy Friday in August I drove up from Devon to St Audries Park. Now, sometimes I get a little ribbing about what lengths I go to to prepare for weddings, including checking traffic in advance of heading off. This time it paid off, as there was an incident on the M5, meaning that a lot of the wedding guests travelling from Devon might arrive late. I opted for a back road option, getting me to the venue with time to spare to capture the bridal preparations. And as luck would have it, nearly all guests made it to the ceremony as well. Luck was on their side, but in regards to weather, no so much. The umbrellas were in full force for this wedding day, with the rain not really letting up.

But the beauty of St Audries Park as a wedding venue is that it has so much to offer inside too, so we used the grand staircase for throwing the bouquet. One of the highlights of the day were the wedding speeches, including Jack's best man Jared writing and performing a song just to the bride and groom. top hat and all! It was a super fun wedding day, no matter the weather. If you're planning your wedding at St Audries Park, get in touch here.

Are you getting married at St Audries Park, or somewhere in Somerset? Say hello. I'd love to hear your plans.

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