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        Sammy & Helen

        The last weekend of August was still holding on tight to the summer with beaming sunshine pretty much all day for Sammy and Helen’s wedding at Beaconside House in North Devon. They were getting ready right next door to each other, with their bridesmaids, and there was already so much fun and joy to capture.

        The ceremony itself was held in the garden of Beaconside house, and this is where the happy tears started, a theme for the remainder of the wedding day! But, looking back over the images, it’s clear to see this was a celebration of a fantastic couple getting married. It was a few years in the making, with some adventures and stories to share, and everyone was in the party mood and having a great time!

        In the wedding preview earlier in the blog page I alluded to a story of how I got booked for this wedding. Sammy and Helen were living in Australia when they booked me, planning their wedding on the other side of the world. We arranged to meet up after their relocation back to Devon. When we did I couldn’t shake the feeling that I knew Sammy from somewhere, but eventually we figured it out, we used to work in the same supermarket 15 odd years ago. It’s fair to say 15 years ago, stacking apples, that wedding photography wasn’t on my radar but so very pleased that I was there to capture this wedding, such a fantastic day and a pleasure to photograph.

        “Thank you for being part of our day and being so inconspicuous! We barely saw you or knew we had a photographer and in the nicest possible way this is exactly what we wanted, relaxed photos without too much formality. We would definitely recommend you in the future and are so grateful to you for capturing our day.”

        – Sammy & Helen


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