Nancarrow Farm Wedding Photography

Nancarrow Farm wedding photography

I love being a wedding photographer, it's an amazing job, and it's made even better when working as a Nancarrow Farm wedding photographer. With a brilliant team in place, beautiful surroundings and superb atmosphere you couldn't ask for any more to work with.

Wedding Photographer At Nancarrow Farm

Nancarrow Farm is one of Cornwall's most popular wedding venues, and for good reason. I'm always excited to see a Nancarrow enquiry ping in the inbox. It has a relaxed rustic vibe to it all. As such the weddings I've captured have been filled with fun and laughter, and each time I've visited it's ended with an epic party! Here you'll find a selection of my Nancarrow Farm wedding photography, some info about the venue, tips on how to boss your wedding day and full Nancarrow galleries of real weddings.

"Lee managed to capture every bit of laughter, fun and tears and I didn't even notice he was there. He was very much part of the wedding family by the end and everyone felt very relaxed around him."

- Sophie & Alex , Nancarrow testimonial


How many photos do you deliver?

How much is a wedding photographer at Nancarrow Farm?

Similar to pricing, you'll find photographers deliver wedding galleries with varying amounts of photos. I'm a big fan of not having set hours, I love to photograph from morning to night. As a result I leave with lots of photos to edit! A typical wedding with 80-100 guests ends up proving 700-900 images in the final gallery. I have no limit on what's delivered and there's no hidden costs involved.

You can see my wedding pricing here. Upon researching photographers you'll likely find a variety of prices based on a few factors, the two main being experience of the photographer and what their 'package' includes. I personally prefer to keep things super simple and offer one price that provides unlimited coverage. I'm there all day, with no cap on the photos delivered or gallery limits.

What camera equipment do you use?

How long do you stay for?

It's a popular question, and I think can be overlooked sometimes. Not that it matters if it's Nikon vs Fuji vs Sony etc... It matters because it affects the experience on the day for everyone enjoying the wedding. I use two Sony a9 cameras with a selection of prime lenses. These are silent cameras, you won't hear a single camera click all day.

A long time ago I got rid of the idea of having set hours. It complicates the pricing involved and it's rare a wedding runs exactly to schedule. Simplicity is key for me, in how I shoot and how I structure my work. I provide unlimited coverage, meaning I can start with bridal prep and stay way past the first dance.

Tips for a Nancarrow Farm Wedding

Depending upon the size of the wedding party you could utilise either the bridal suite, or main barn, for preparations. The ceremony barn isn't in direct view, but the team can help time your walk down the garden steps and open the doors and the key point for all guests to see you arrive. The balcony to the courtyard is a great spot to throw your bouquet.

I've seen some fun lawn games during the wedding breakfast to help entertain little ones. Throughout the day there's some amazing light to work with as the sun sets behind the Oak Barn, along with some great settings for some portraits along the millpond or nearby field. You can see in the evening with the outdoor fire which add to the magical wedding atmosphere.

About Nancarrow Farm Wedding Venue

I've photographed summer and winters weddings at Nancarrow Farm, it has so much to offer all year long for all manner of weddings. What I love about it as a wedding venue is the seclusion of it all, after a slow drive along the country lane you're surrounded by idilic fields, orchards and wild flowers. The rustic barn is a beautiful location for the wedding ceremony. With five converted barns there's plenty of space for bridal preparations and wedding reception itself. I can't not talk about the amazing food at Nancarrow Farm, it's famous among wedding photographers, everyone loves it.

Here are a sample of weddings that I’ve photographed at Nancarrow Farm:

Summer Wedding at Nancarrow
Winter Wedding at Nancarrow

Weddings Near Nancarrow Farm

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