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        Nancarrow Farm Wedding Photo

        Favourite Nancarrow Farm Wedding Photo

        Sometimes it’s nice to pick out just one wedding photo, rather than publishing a whole wedding gallery. One image that you think represents a real moment and the atmosphere of the day. This is one of my favourite Nancarrow Farm wedding photos. This the wedding of Abbey and Matt, who choose Nancarrow Farm for their relaxed rustic wedding. This is the moment during the best men speech, yep, Matt had three best men. Sat with his dad and wife Abbey he took his punishment well. They all took their turns to bring up embarrassing stories and it was hard not to get lost in laughter behind the camera. I’m a documentary wedding photographer, so having this to photograph was so much fun. My aim was to get an image where everyone contributed to the moment, no blinking or distractions, and to get all six subjects doing so isn’t always easy. But without being there I think you can determine who the subject is, or shall I say victim, of the wedding speech, and what’s just happened.

        I’ve had the good fortune to shoot a few Nancarrow Farm weddings, you can see a full gallery of a Nancarrow Farm wedding if you want to see how I document a wedding day. If you’re planning your wedding at Nancarrow then please do get in touch, I’d be great to hear your wedding plans.

        Best Nancarrow Farm wedding photo

        Are you getting married at Nancarrow Farm? I’m a wedding photographer who loves documenting weddings, capturing genuine moments. I have my pricing details available and see how I approach a wedding day, and if this is the type of wedding photography you’re after please do get in touch and check availability, I’d love to hear your Nacarrow wedding plans.