Lamorran Gardens Wedding

Jenny & Huw

Oh, 2020. What happened to you? But this is not a blog post of disappointment, but a sign (I hope) of what could be. Jenny and Huw had a big May wedding in the books, and like many couples this year were forced to re-think. With a new date, new venue and new plans we found ourselves in St Maws in Cornwall at the beautiful Lamorran Gardens. This was an old family destination for Jenny, so with the original plans scrapped it was a real treat to have a familiar location to re-visit.

Lamorran Gardens Wedding Day

It's been a few weeks since I photographed this wonderful wedding day, and it feels so much has changed in the wedding world. By chance the announcement for the new rules of fifteen people appeared on the same day. As we approach 2021 I'm sure couples are wondering what's in store. My experience, and Jenny and Huw's wedding is a prime example, of these micro 'lockdown weddings' are extremely positive.

With limitations put upon us, people can be more creative. As a result, I had the unique experience of joining Jenny & Huw for their morning swim in the sea. Well, getting my feet wet as they raced for the pontoon. It was such a joy to document this day. Lamorran Gardens is a beautiful location, a wonderful wedding venue, with stunning views. It was my first visit as a wedding photographer, a plus after adapting from plan A. Jenny & Huw re-built their entire day, something totally unique to them.

As I write this I know there are couples wondering what to do. Maybe they've already postponed. I haven't seen a great deal of positivity in the wedding world since March, and I want them to know that these kind of weddings are wonderful. I describe it as a recalibration. Re-thinking what a wedding day could be. I don't think there's been a better time to create such a bespoke day.

So if you're booked with me I hope by now you know I'm game for whatever you decide, big or small. You do what you think is best, but rest assured that if you do decide to down scale less people doesn't mean any less fun!

"Lee is a fantastic photographer, he took amazing photographs of our wedding which really helps us remember the magic. His friendly nature allowed him to capture outstanding natural images of people throughout the day, alongside his brilliant compositions. Lee also has a great skill at quietly helping the day to run smoothy, this really helped make the day perfect for us both."

- Jenny & Huw

For the foreseeable future, these are the kind of rules that weddings will be following. As we look onto 2021 there will be government guidelines to follow. But like I say above, with limitations we become more creative and every 'lockdown wedding' has been a fantastic experience.


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