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        Horn Of Plenty Wedding Photography

        Wedding Photography at Horn Of Plenty, Devon

        Horn Of Plenty Wedding Photography

        This is Kristie and Keith and their summer wedding at Horn Of Plenty. This was my first time as a wedding photographer at Horn Of Plenty, and considering I’m a wedding photographer in Devon who’s been shooting for a few years it was a long time coming! Kristie is from Australia and Keith is a Brit, and so it was a great mix of personalities for a wedding day.

        The weather wasn’t always on point, but their were plenty of garden games to get stuck into. Of course, the Aussie vs Brits rivalry was in full force for the tug of war! Each family picking a side and seeing who comes out on top. For the record, team Britain won. It was an emotionally charged day, you could tell how much this wedding meant to Kristie and Keith, as well as their family and friends. There were plenty of happy tears throughout the wedding ceremony followed by so much laughter. I can’t not mention the main header image, a group dance organised by the bride and groom. After a demo on the hill, everyone joined in and committed to the routine, it was so much fun to shoot and had to control my laughter to make sure I got a steady shot!

        As a documentary wedding photographer it was so much fun to capture, and if you’re getting married in Devon, or anywhere really, get in touch and say hello.

        Horn Of Plenty Wedding Photography Horn Of Plenty Wedding Photography

        Getting married at Horn Of Plenty in Devon? I’m a wedding photographer who loves documenting weddings, capturing genuine moments. I have my pricing details available and see how I approach a wedding day, and if this is the type of wedding photography you’re after please do get in touch and check availability, I’d love to hear your Horn Of Plenty wedding plans.