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        I recently published my wedding highlights of 2016, which is always a good fun blog post to put together. It got me thinking about uploading something different for 2017. I’m going to be taking a moment of a wedding day and selecting a random 8 images from weddings across recent years. In comparison to the story board blog post of 50+ images from one wedding day (which I’m absolutely still going to do), it’s going to be a short selection of one moment of a wedding…

        The first one will be the dance floor!

        I love a busy/crazy/fun dance floor on a wedding day. It’s such a great way to round up the image collection. The photographer has little control really. In most cases it’s the subjects who make the photo! It’s my job to get the angle, shape the light and freeze the moment! But an photo can ‘pop’ when something amazing happens.

        Looking back at these 8 images, they were all shot on a 24mm lens, my favourite lens for this kind of shot. This means I’m on the dance floor itself, getting into the mix and trying to show the fun at that time and place, all in the hope that it makes someone smile.

        Sure, this is the time you get to have some fun using the flashes and applying different techniques, but like everything else I aim for, the moment is key!


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