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        [BTS] No.8 Wild Camping On Dartmoor

        The abridged version of how I ended up camping on Dartmoor…

        I had just completed and sent off a wedding collection and I had an urge to explore. A few ideas went through my mind, some street photography maybe, a quick train trip somewhere possibly, however I ended up popping to a nearby camping shop picking up a tent and sleeping bag and headed off across the moors.

        I decided upon Foggintor Quarry. For those of you who want to find it, it’s about a half an hour walk from Princetown, along the old rail road. The Dartmoor Visitor Centre is a good place to park up and get the info you need. I’d never even heard of this quarry before, but it looked like a great spot for some landscape photography, the prominent features making a nice change from the rolling hillside.

        I’ve said before in these Behind The Scenes posts that I like to try all sorts of photography. It’s a different type of challenge from my usual wedding photographer devon work, and it provides a chance to try different techniques, making for a more well rounded approach. Below you’ll find shots with fast and slow shutter speeds, a panorama and a tweak from my normal editing. For the photographers reading this, the below are all on a 24 or 50mm lens and occasional use of a tripod.

        I had a plan to capture the sunset, sunrise and some astrophotography in between. Three chances to capture some colours and/or stars, sadly, it never materialised. There was too much cloud for sunset colours to appear and rain kicked in around 10pm. Dartmoor 3 | Me 0.

        So instead it was a 4:30 wake up in a slightly wet tent, a 5.30 pack up and a damp walk back to the car. I did bring swimming shorts as well, but tales of leeches in the lake from fellow campers was enough to put me off!


        Hello Lee

        Your photographs are great. We live in Princetown and know this area well. Would you have any problem with me using one of you images of wild camping for a watercolour. I would happily credit you as the photographer. I am putting together a series of painting depicting outdoor activities on the moor in connection with the Ice Warrior outdoor shop that has come to Princetown. You can see me rock climbing painting on my Facebook page.

        All the very best. I hope you have many more wonderful times on Dartmoor.

        Kind regards

        Grant Wallace

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