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        [BTS] No.4 The Big 5!

        Today is Eve’s birthday, she’s five years old today. I’m trying so hard not to insert some cliche here, but gees, 5 years! Really!?!?

        To celebrate we had her life long buddies, Eva and Orla, come visit for a treasure hunt and other birthday treats.

        It wasn’t all going to plan. Eve’s been unwell for a week, coming close to cancelling everything. She got a small black eye from running into me on birthday morning and the bin man stole some of the treasure off the tree! But all ended well, pirate games and all.

        A lot has happened in those 5 years. She’s been joined by her younger sister Zoe, she’s started ‘big school’ and I went full time with my wedding photography, meaning I get to see a lot more of her, which is always a good thing.

        I write this as a super proud and grateful dad. She’s amazing in so many ways. She’s insightful, caring, polite, funny and a total free spirit (often found dancing in her own little world to the music in the kitchen), and already a super big sister.

        As time goes by I’m trying harder and harder to document her growing up, she’s already changed so much, and I encourage any other parent to do the same. Below you’ll find some snippets from today and a mini photo collection starting from day 1 going through to today. These photos were taken on our phones, compact cameras or DSLRs. The best camera is the one you have with you.

        Looking forward, I don’t see her wanting to run the country or anything, she wants to have an art gallery. But I do know if you don’t like what she says or what she’s wearing, she won’t care. She is who she wants to be and I wouldn’t change her one bit.

        Presents, treasure hunt and cake!

        Day 1, day 1827 and some photos in-between…


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