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        [BTS] No.14 Street Photography

        With the wedding ‘season’ coming to a close in October I wanted to work on a personal project alongside my wedding photographer devon work and in these Behind The Scenes blogs I want to show what happens when I’m not photographing weddings. So last month I tackled some street photography, something I’ve dabbled with before but this time make multiple visits to the city centre and document people of the city. There are a few reasons for this, but the biggest factor is simply trying to improve my ability with a camera in my hand and transfer that to my professional wedding work.

        An obvious question is how would street photography relate to weddings? As a documentary wedding photographer devon I focus on the real moments of weddings, not interfering and photographing the day as it unfolds. This involves anticipating a moment, reacting to that moment and capturing it the best way possible. This means figuring out light, composition, layering etc… ideally before I press the shutter. The same applies to street photography, finding a scene and waiting, and I mean really waiting for a moment to grab you.

        Street photography for me is an exercise of patience. Forcing myself to stop, think about it, make it better and then wait. Wait it out until something gets your attention. This set includes a photo I waited 20 minutes for, another, I re-visited the scene three times before getting the shot I thought was worth it. It’s been an experiment. Walking through a city I’ve been through thousands of times before, seeing the same locations time and again. I had to really try and see it all differently, ignore the familiar and try and create something new to me.

        So back to weddings, time will tell if it’s had an affect, but it’s always a good reminder to pause, see it through fresh eyes and work the image as best you can before moving on.


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