[BTS] No.2 Perseid Meteor Shower

Last night I headed up to Haytor, in Dartmoor National Park, to get a clear view of the Perseid meteor shower. It was pretty much perfect conditions, with a clear sky, little wind and even double figure temperatures. The one hiccup was the three quarters moon, meaning the stars would be less clear, however not a bad thing when you forget your torch! In fact, it added another dimension to the images by providing some light for the foreground.

This was my first time trying to capture a meteor shower, and a lot of it is about good luck. After you've found the right settings it's a case of pick a section of sky and hope for the best. I was treated to a great view of the Perseid meteor shower, with my eyes, but only some captured in camera. One image with Haytor itself as a feature and a second looking directly up to the Milky Way. The rest are attempts at different compositions with hope a meteor would fill the scene. If you see this in time, try and get out to see the shower on Sunday night. Even if it's just your back garden! If not, there's always next year.

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