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        [BTS] No.17 New York City Street Photography

        It’s October, the wedding ‘season’ is coming to a close and a bit more time becomes available for personal trips and photography projects. It’s been five years since I last visited New York City, and after a lovely busy summer it seemed a great time to return to one of my favourite places in the world. At the same time, I’m trialing a new camera system and what’s a better test than the busy streets of New York? I’ve said before that I don’t just pick up a camera on a Saturday, I want to try new things, develop new techniques and challenge myself. All in the hope that it advances my skill level and provide quality images to the couples who book my for their wedding.

        Working as a wedding photographer it’s pretty much all about anticipating moments, looking to frame them in an interesting way and in the best light. This is completely in line with street photography. This is a style of photography I return to periodically to ‘sharpen the knife’, so to speak. Years ago, before evening photographing my first wedding I was in New York on a holiday, finding my feet with this hobby. I was comfortable with working a camera, the inner nerd in me tackled that challenge first. But what did need focus was my intent, what was I trying to document and how should I do it, were questions still unanswered. I had this idea of an ‘Englishman In New York‘, a theme for the images. A view point at least. Looking back at those images now makes me smile and cringe. I was at the start of something, but not always executed so well.

        It was great to return, with a few years experience behind me, having these contrast of images. So here’s a sample of images from my few days walking the city. From the hustle of the Garment District at night, to an impromptu ballet performance in Central Park.



        This is stunning work, real depth, amazing composition, vibrant use of colour or sensitive monochrome and a true connection to your subjects. Well done Lee, this is really sophisticated.

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