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        [BTS] No.20 Lockdown

        I mean, what do you say? What the hell happened!?

        I hope reading this post you’re well and lockdown life has been kind to you. It was roughly seven weeks ago, as I write this, that lockdown in the UK became a thing. A time when a lot of people had a big change in their lives enforced upon them, this unnatural behaviour of avoiding everyone, for the greater good. It’s been a roller coaster so far, and I doubt that will change for a while, and there’s been an influx of opinions of how lockdown should be spent. Be creative, relax, build a new business, focus on a new project, get fit, learn a language… However you spent the last seven weeks, I hope you’re still doing OK with it all.

        My own attempt to handle this mess was to pick up my camera and simply document what lockdown life was like for our family. This was an effort to maintain some normality in my life. Most days, not all, I would photograph our experiences. We’ve had three lockdown birthdays to celebrate, plus one over Skype. We’ve painted the kitchen and used up every last speck of flour to bake what we could. We’re lucky to have some country lanes nearby, and we’ve exhausted every inch of those walks to escape the house during our allotted outdoor exercise.

        Looking over these 40 images or so, they’re mostly a positive happy experience, but don’t let that fool you. I just don’t choose to photograph the down times, and there have been some. Home schooling isn’t always a breeze. I’ve been devastated at times for the couples who’ve had to delay their big day, and as a result with moving so many dates inevitably I can no longer attend every postponement. Which is gut wrenching.

        I’m conscious though that despite this turmoil in our lives others are far worse off, and as a whole we’re doing OK and I hope you are too. This seemed like a suitable time to share these images because today was sort of a temporary book end. Today was the first time in 53 days that all of us got in a car to enjoy some nature beyond walking distance from our house. In fact, we returned to the same forest that we last spent time together outside, 53 days previous before lockdown was official.

        So here is week one to week seven of lockdown (stay at home version) life. Who knows where the next few weeks and months will lead us. Typically in mid May I would be in full editing mode, busy away photographing weddings, and that’s no longer the case. I’m desperate to return to that! But until we do, this is how we spend our days…


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