[BTS] No.24 Life 2021

so, ummm, that was an interesting year wasn’t it.

Of all my BTS Life posts this year has the fewest images to scroll through. This in part was by design, and a reflection of the year itself. There were times of high hopes for 2021 in regards to getting life back to normal, but as 2020 progressed it seemed less and less likely.

So when in early summer I was allowed to get back to weddings proper, I did everything I could to make sure I could attend those weddings. This for me was to live a relatively safe 2021. Not putting myself out there for photo projects and scaling back on the social visits, putting the odds in my favour that I could smash this year’s weddings. Click here to see how my 2021 weddings went (spoiler, it was ace!).

So with less personal adventures came less photos. This isn’t a sad post or one of regret, just more time at home with the family and simple walks in the woods listening to podcasts rather than taking photos (I still took a fair few!). But when there were gaps in the calendar we took full advantage. We toured London with the kids, and took a sneaky last minute trip to Croatia which was a fantastic way to end my wedding season. I also managed to tick a bucket list item in December by photographing one of my favourite bands.

My 2021 wedding post typically is the biggest post of the year, as it should be I guess for a wedding photographer! But I love piecing together these Life posts because I get to reflect on the last 12 months. January saw us being told to stay at home again, I was banned from working effectively. Come Autumn I was swimming in the Adriatic Sea with my family after a bonkers wedding season, it was quite a journey.

Our 2021…

Beaconside House Wedding
November 14, 2023
Mount Folly Farm Wedding
October 26, 2023
Trevenna Barns Wedding
May 29, 2023

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