[BTS] No.22 Life 2020

“I thought 2020 would be the year I got everything I wanted. Now I know 2020 is the year I appreciate everything I have.”

Oh 2020, what did you do?

It’s felt like the quickest and slowest year simultaneously. Only a moment ago it was January, the year was looking great, and it’s now December and I’m wondering what the hell happened. It’s easy to get sucked into your own little void, my world is weddings and I’ve been watching it closely for the sake of my business and the couples I’m working with, but of course there’s so much more to it. I hope you’re reading this with as few scars as possible from this year. Everyone has been affected in some way and I sincerely hope we come out stronger at the end of it.

Typically for me this time of year I would be coming down from a big editing high, that’s not the case this time around. 2020 was set to be my biggest year yet in regards to the number of weddings and travel involved, and in turn I ended up with a total of eleven weddings to photograph (you can see my 2020 wedding collection here). Now, the positive from this is that this has only reaffirmed my love for the job, having it taken away from you proves its value ten fold to me. Likewise, under these challenging circumstances it’s proven how lucky I am to be working with such wonderful people who have been incredibly flexible re-arranging their plans, that’s no easy task.

So like many we found ourselves at home, spending more time together as a family. Trying to be creative with our time. Some days more successful than others. Baking, lego and board games got heavily invested in. We found some new stomping grounds just a short walk away, which is something we might not have discovered otherwise. There were a lot of positives to be found in what were sometimes worrying times.

I do these Behind The Scenes ‘Life’ posts for a few reasons. Along with showing people who’s behind the camera, it gives a reason to go through a years worth of images and pick out some favourites. Previous posts included some travel, concerts or some landscapes from photo projects. There wasn’t much of that this time around, more us being us. Making a mess and exploring the outdoors when we could, I hope you enjoy this little collection of photos of what happens when not photographing a wedding.

Wishing you a fantastic Christmas and a much improved 2021.


Beaconside House Wedding
November 14, 2023
Mount Folly Farm Wedding
October 26, 2023
Trevenna Barns Wedding
May 29, 2023

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