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        [BTS] No.19 Life 2019

        Behind the scenes look at wedding photographer life

        Here we are again, that time of year we add a minced pie notch to our belts and lots of photographers publish an ‘end of year’ post. I too am on that wagon, you can see my 2019 wedding post here, but it’s also become a self tradition where I also sum up the year in personal photos. Just as important to me is to look back at my collection of personal photos and projects, and reflect. These posts are named ‘life’ because that’s what it represents, our family life over the last 12 months, which effectively is what our daughters, Eve and Zoe, got up to.

        This past year we had a family holiday in the South of France, and I made a solo trip to New York City to tackle a street photography project. We had some mini adventures on Sundays, our collective day off from work and school, and I had an opportunity to photograph a concert for the first time, the amazing City Of The Sun.

        Last year I mentioned my frustrations with not documenting our family life ‘successfully’. I was trying, but I couldn’t find my rhythm. I overcame that, thankfully, and I’m really happy with how 2019 has ended up. I won’t be painting a false picture here, there were some bumps along the way this year. But creating kept me above the water. My professional work and personal projects always brought me joy.

        Each year I see more and more value in picking up the camera when it’s not for ‘work’. This is where I play, try new things and experiment. Plenty of which converts into my wedding photography. I’m currently mid transition into a new camera system, so I’ve been figuring out all the quirks of that on the side too.

        So, this is a Behind The Scenes look at the last year. Fifty or so photos from 2019, selected via the only criteria that matters to me personally, they make me smile.

        Wishing you a a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful 2020 ๐Ÿ™‚


        Some lovely photos. Iโ€™ve to see some rare ones of you and R ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank you, Hannah ๐Ÿ™‚

        *Nice to see. I canโ€™t work out how to edit!

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