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        [BTS] No.15 Life 2018

        I can’t lie, this is normally the easiest post I put up each year, and I love doing it. Compared to my wedding photography¬†this is all a personal choice with no influence of what could be told from a story perspective, it’s a mash up of our family adventures from the last 12 months. As a wedding photographer the images I capture at weddings are paramount, they’re 98% of what this website if made up of, but I also want people to understand (and hopefully appreciate) that’s not the only time I pick up a camera. Each year I pick 50 or so personal images, if not for any reason but to remember what we’ve been up to, and 2018 has been a lot of fun for sure. From sunny holidays abroad to a bodge job toboggan down a snowy hill, it had a lot going on.

        That’s not the whole picture though. There have been numerous times this year we’ve returned from a day out with the kids and the camera never made it out of the bag. Rebecca, my wife, can attest to my frustration. Particularly in the beginning of the year I just felt I was failing to record our time together. I haven’t quite figured out why this happened, but I think it relates to me being a little fussy about what photos I get, wanting too much maybe. A lot of online content is only showing the success, this was me failing. I’m glad to say that I felt good about it at other times, and going through these images was a great way to re-live our year.

        I label these posts ‘life’ because that’s what it is, it’s our life in images, which effectively means what Eve and Zoe got up to. These are the photos that make me smile and appreciate how much they’ve grown in the last 12 months, in size and in personality. This is them/us in 2018. From Italy to Greece, from pizza making to ice cream eating and everything in-between…


        Fabulous photos Lee, can’t believe 2019 will be 4 years since you created fabulous pictures and memories of our special day at Lusty Glaze Beach! Glad everything seems to be going well. All the very best to you and your family, keep the photos coming!

        Thanks so much, Paul. Really kind of you to say. I know, 4 years! Such a fantastic day!

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