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        Life 2017

        Another year has past, I’m a [little] bit wiser, and forever thankful. I’m a lucky guy. I mean, stupidly lucky. Annoyingly so. I have this job that I love that pushes me to do better and work harder. I have this amazing family with two girls that are growing up faster and faster and I want time to slow down, just a little bit.

        2017 was a whirlwind, and let’s be honest, sad at times. The introvert in me pulls back, focuses on the positive and what I can influence, and that’s the kids. These two wonderful girls that make me smile every day. A year that Zoe started as a baby and is now this walking talking person (yet still no hair!?), and Eve, a loving and caring big sister who keeps me in check because “Dad, I know ALL your jokes”.

        I spend my free time in parks and on beaches, chasing scooters and pushing swings. Most of the time, not always, I’ll have my camera with me. Yeah, I’m one of those dads. I pick one prime lens and take it out for the day. A big positive, believe it or not, is that it makes me a better wedding photographer. I’ve tried and practised stuff with the family that I’ve later implemented in my wedding work, or at the very least, got faster/better at.

        Putting this blog together I pulled 50 of my favourite images from the catalogue. As always, not necessarily the best composition or in the ‘correct’ lighting, but photos that make me smile because it’s shows Eve and Zoe as they are. This is their year, from January to December. Exploring and laughing.

        In 2018 I’m going to be branching out. I’m going to introduce documentary family photography shoots. However, this is bigger (and in my opinion better) than the standard ‘walk in the woods’ kind of shoot. It’s more a typical family day. What ever it is your family do together, I want to document that for you. Reading books, playing games, baking cakes, what ever is real to you. I’m going to be publishing some work in the new year, but if interested, get in touch.


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