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        [BTS] No.21 Foggintor Wild Camping

        About three years ago I bought myself a new tent and sleeping bag and headed out to Dartmoor for some wild camping, my location of choice was Foggintor Quarry. This week I returned, and like last time my intent was to do some landscape photography with a sunset, starry night and sunrise. Foggintor is a great location for photos, a huge rocky feature standing out from the rolling grasslands. You can reach Foggintor by leaving Princetown on foot, about 3km, following the old rail road that used to supply the quarry site. This time my friend Amy (a fellow wedding photographer) was also there, so we could both suffer the windy night on the moors with very little sleep.

        You can see the previous Foggintor post here, and it’s fair to say the reason for heading out this time was a little different. Last time it was on the back on a big editing run and it was nice to get away from the computer screen. This time, in the midst of a lockdown the editing pile isn’t nearly as high, but it was fantastic to get back to nature and see a wonderful sunset and hike some tors. The weather was on our side with a clear night, with a bright moon, meaning it’s tough to get a clear shot of the Milky Way, but does give great light for the derelict buildings.

        It’s been a strange few months with many twists and turns. Luckily work has settled down, I know what my 2020 will look like now. I mentioned in my previous lockdown post, BTS 20, that I made a conscious choice to keep using my cameras throughout in some sort of attempt to maintain normality and this little Landscape project came at a great time. Here’s a few from the trip…


        Lush pics! Love the one from above the quarry, will have to trek up that hill next time, thanks for a fun eve (despite the gale!!).

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