Family Life...

Sooooo.... It's been a while! But there's a good reason, I promise! I'm now a father of two :-) Which gives me a great excuse to show some images of my growing family!

I've been working away in the background, having meetings, sending emails and the like. But despite a handful of weddings through late winter I haven't been very active on social media or my blogging. Again, there's another good reason!

We knew pretty early on that my wife's pregnancy wouldn't be the easiest, so I planned some time off work to spend time with my family, primarily keeping busy with our eldest, Eve. So below you'll find just some of our adventures over the winter/spring time, and most recently the arrival of baby Zoe.

So as the haze of a newborn begins to clear and things return to normal I can finally get back on the site and share some images. I've still got a couple weeks off from any bookings (I couldn't possibly risk an arrival date near a wedding!), but then we're back into the swing of things.

I'm very pleased to have a busy summer of weddings, and I'll be a good photographer and share those more frequently!

I've been playing with some different techniques and gear over the winter, and I look forward to trying some of those out on the upcoming weddings. I think most photographers probably feel they could do a better job of capturing their family, putting as much effort into a family shot as they do a wedding couple, and it's something I work hard at. Pressure free photography can allow new ideas to grow and improve everything you capture.

Now, the below photos are what I like, and I've probably become a little 'Eve blind' in regards to her expressions, but that's her. She's definitely not a 'stop and smile' child! But I'm sure they'll come in use for her wedding day :-)

So there it is. I'm not dead, still alive and kicking and energised for a summer full of weddings!