A New Year's Eve Wedding / Mairead and Andy

One of the great things about shooting weddings is hearing all the different stories about how that wedding came to be. Every wedding is different and each couple puts their own twist into how the days goes.

In this case, Mairead and Andy had quite a story. It was NYE 2014 in New Zealand when Andy proposed, and exactly one year later they have their wedding day in the lovely town of Chagford, Devon.

To help remember this amazing journey, they've included wood within their wedding bands. Not just any wood, but wood from a tree native to New Zealand. A unique touch to a great day.

And how do you celebrate a wedding on NYE? By throwing a great party! Being in the middle of Devon you get that community feel, and surrounded by their friends and family they saw in 2016 with the biggest celebration you can have! And an anniversary you could never forget :-)