Sandford and Higher Eggbeer Wedding - Jenny and Dane

July is a very busy time for wedding photographers, but it's also a great time of the year when you have weddings like this one. I met Jenny and Dane back in 2014, and it was obvious from the start that they make a lovely couple but that they also had a great wedding in the works, so it was fantastic they booked me to capture the day for them.

It started at Sandford Church. It was my first time there, but what an impressive building it is. A big space with decent light, well as far as churches go that is :-) I got there to cover the arrivals, and it was fun to see Dane and his two best men greet everyone.

I took my place at the end of the aisle to capture the bridal party make their entrance. From there I only hoped that the expressions/emotion becomes a visual part of the story telling. But Jenny clearly showed how much this day meant to her, leading to one of my favourite photos from the day.

It was a lovely service with some emotional readings from family and friends, and after a few formal photos on the church steps it was off to Higher Eggbeer for the reception. It was my second time there this year and the weather was a lot kinder this time around. With it's open spaces it provides plenty of walking room to explore, shoot and remain discrete.

Jenny and Dane included lots of little details in their wedding plans, including home made flowers for the gents made from music sheets, which I thought was a great idea. Another great idea was to provide a song for the children after the traditional first dance, the infamous 'Let It Go', but it's fair to say the adults had just as much, if not more fun than the kids singing that one.

A fantastic wedding day for a fantastic couple, congratulations Jenny and Dane.