Janine and Tom's Wedding Day - Higher Eggbeer, Devon

What a great day this was. lots of laughs and fun had by all. It included a lot of wedding photography firsts for me. Number one being that I wasn't requested to capture the ceremony itself, which means I spent the whole day photographing the celebration, which was held at Higher Eggbeer. Rain was on and off throughout the day but that didn't prevent people enjoying themselves, including swimming, croquet, magic and dancing!

Sat in lovely surroundings and made up of rustic farmhouses it provided plenty of space for the guests (and there were a lot of them!), to mingle, eat, drink and be merry. Janine and her family are from Germany, which produced some interesting conversations about wedding traditions in each country.

The speeches were fantastic. Stood on a bale of hay, each person took their turn to provide their toast to the couple. And despite Janine's Dad speaking a second language and Tom's Dad providing funny and embarrassing tales, the star of the show was Janine and Tom's daughter who wasn't afraid to get on the mic and say hello to everyone.

Another first was seeing a great band called Mad Apple Circus. A big band made up of drums, trumpets, trombones, saxophones and guitars. I've never seen a band get a wedding crowd going like this one. At the time I couldn't put a name to their style of music, but looking it up afterwards it's ska with hop-hop and jazz. Earlier in the night I asked one of the band members if they were doing the first dance, and that wasn't the plan. So about an hour later, after setting up, a circle of guests appeared in the barn, and the band played the first song of the night, and provided one of my favourite first dance photos. Sometimes the un-planned events provide the best moments.

After an hour of dancing the first set was done and it was time to cut the cake. Almost everyone wants a photo of cutting the cake, which can be done in two ways. Provide a pose for everyone to get their photo, and/or capture the event itself naturally. In the end I provided six images of the cake being cut, which on face value seems over kill, but not when each image had a different expression from Janine and Tom. One of my favourites is below when the cheese cake, as in real cheese, was a bit harder to cut than expected.


Magic at Higher Eggbeer
Wedding Speech
First Dance Higher Eggbeer
Fire at Higher Eggbeer
Mad Apple Circus at Higher Eggbeer
Cutting Cake At Higher Eggbeer