NYC Panorama - How I Got This Photo

I went on holiday to New York last year, and as part of the trip I wanted to try two things. I wanted a photo story from the city, which I posted on my Facebook page, and I also wanted a panoramic shot of the city. I tried two locations, one by the Brooklyn Bridge, but the weather wasn't ideal, and I also tried on top of the Rockefeller Centre.

Until now I haven't done anything with these individual panoramic shots, I just stored them on a hard drive. But Adobe have recently provided an update to their photo editing software which has made it possible, and also really easy, to stitch the photos together. After a busy spell of weddings, all posted below, I thought it was time to work on some travel images and show how I got the photos and provide some tips for anyone who wants to attempt a similar shot.

On top of popular tourist spots common sense prevails. Try and get there during the quiet periods and keep an eye on the weather forecast. Also, if you have a big camera you might have a polite word from security to remind you that your photos cannot be sold for commercial use. When taking the shot(s), make sure you are controlling all the settings manually. You want every single file to have the same exposure, colour temperature and focus distance.

The big benefits of putting a panoramic shot together is you start to separate your photos from everyone else. And by shooting in a vertical orientation you have loads of detail and little distortion, when compared to one big wide angle image. Just make sure you overlap your photos by around 20% to allow the software to align your files.

It was in places like New York when I really started getting into photography years ago. Whilst travelling and trying to capture shots that I could look back on and remember what it was like to be there. Now I'm glad that after all this time I have more knowledge to help my photos look better plus gear and software that allows me to enhance those shots. This site is primarily wedding related, as it should be, and most might skip past this post to look at my professional work. But I also want to show what I like to shoot in my down time, and hope that some of you find that interesting too :-)