Kirsty and Shane's Wedding - Woodbury Park, Exmouth

April showers. Something that I've always been aware of over the years, because my birthday is April 3rd, and on April 2nd 2015 I was photographing the lovely wedding of Kirsty and Shane. So, when packing my bag and looking at the plan for the day I was hoping that we would have some dry spells to help capture some outside shots. But luck was on my side, as it only really rained during travel between venues, and at times providing some great light to shoot in. It chucked it down all day the next day.

The day started at Point-In-View Church, a small chapel found up high in Exmouth providing some great views of the town and beach. After shooting the arrivals of the fifty or so guests I took my place inside the chapel. Once there I was staying there and only moved again to shoot the signing of the book, but it was a great position to cover the entrance of the bridesmaids and Kirsty with her Dad.

After the arrivals the camera was put down, out of request of the vicar, and then back shooting the exit and congratulations outside. After, we made a quick stop at the River Otter for some couple shots, with some of the most flattering light I've ever photographed in. Full credit to Kirsty for not punching me in the face when I asked her and Shane to follow me into some tall muddy grass for what I thought would make a great background, "Ah, you only wear the dress once". The kind of bride that every photographer would wish for!

It was then off to Woodbury Park for the reception. After some speeches, both sweet and humiliating (for Shane mostly) in equal measure, it was time for a break with some great food. Moving through the big group shot, a spin on the golf cart and a rugby scrum, it was time for the first dance.

This provided one of the photo highlights for me, along with a little surprise. After I set my camera to cover the dance and started shooting, the lights were dimmed to almost completely dark, leaving an image totally under exposed, but after a quick change up I was able to capture a lovely first dance to a great song. But the surprise for most of the guests was that Kirtsy, the bridesmaids and some friends had rehearsed a choreographed dance routine, which went down a treat and got everyone on the dance floor. All in all a great day and for which I was very happy to capture for Kirsty and Shane.

I also had my first compliment during a wedding day about this blog, for which I still don't know if it was sarcastic or not, but I'll take it. So hello to Charlotte and Holly if you're reading this.

Arrival at Point-In View Church
Signing Of The Book
River Otter Wedding Shot
Smile At Woodbury Park Wedding Speech
Woodbury Park First Dance
Bridesmaids Dance At Woodbury Park