Pynes House Wedding - Sarah and Dan

This wedding day was over a year in the making (for me, not Sarah and Dan!), and it was worth the wait. It was clear that Sarah and Dan were putting a lot of thought and effort into their day, and it paid off!

The wedding venue of choice was Pynes House, just outside of Exeter, with the ceremony at St Peters Church. At the time of meeting Pynes House was a relatively new venue in Devon (back in 2014), but after a visit it was clear to see all the photo opportunities available. Along with such a great space Sarah and Dan were adding lots of their own details, including a customised dress.

My day started before sunrise (a bit easier in the winter!), which provided the chance to capture the morning light and lots of the preparations in action.

The wind and the rain started to appear on the way to the church, the weather kept us on our toes all day. But it was one of those days where the forecast was so bad a few days previous, that it was a positive in comparison.

It was a lovely ceremony, it seemed to go by in a flash. After a gusty confetti line it was back to Pynes House for the speeches and dancing. Sarah and Dan were on top form all day, enjoying the results of their hard work, putting on a great day for everyone to enjoy. Best yet, Dan had arranged a secret honeymoon for his wife, making a good start on the brownie points!

(Click the HD option, and turn the music on, for the video)