Moments: 1/3, Wedding Photography - Preparations

The challenge, joy and aim of photographing a wedding in a documentary style is to capture real moments. In contradiction to posed photography, where you try and create a look or an emotion (and there are some great photographers who can do this), I'm after the real emotions. Throughout a wedding day there are different 'stages', ranging from getting ready in the morning all the way through to the dancing in the evening. During this time there are different emotions on display and this mini blog series will focus on three of them, starting with preparations.

Not every bride and groom want to have preparations covered, and it was probably quite rare ten years ago. But it's always a part of the day I enjoy covering and I believe it adds something different to the collection of images when they are included.

Each bride responds in a different way when they are building up to such a big moment in their lives. Some are full of nervous energy whilst others and completely relaxed and take it all in their stride. Either way, my aim (like every image I capture with people involved), is to capture a feeling to the photo. When it's seen by a family member, friend or someone online I want an emotion and/or moment to be present. Something that shows what was happening at that time and allow it to be interpreted towards the story of the day. Here are some of my favourite preparation images from this year so far, each I think show something important and/or real...