Moments: 2/3, Wedding Photography - Ceremonies

Last week saw the first post of a mini blog series about moments in some of the weddings that I've photographed so far this year. Not always the photos that you could categorise as 'the standard wedding shot', but where the action, emotion or expression captured help tell the story of that person or wedding day. This post will move onto moments during the ceremony, and also differs from the first post in that this time I'll provide some additional context to each image. It just so happens to be that after selecting the images to write about, they've ended up all black and white. Although colour versions were likely delivered to the couples as well, my personal taste is to keep the image as simple as possible to bring focus to the moment.


There was so much laughter throughout this whole wedding, just a really happy day. This is the moment that Ben is placing Sue's wedding ring on her finger (you always try and get the wedding ring shot). With such happy expressions on display I focused the image on the ring placement, but kept Sue within the frame, showing her lovely smile. The ceremony was held within a gazebo, so I shot through some wood and vine for some interesting foreground. The reason for the laugh? The ring was bit of a tight fit :-)


This was a ceremony at Lusty Glaze Beach near Newquay. The weddings are held right on the beach, and the sun was out all day for this great wedding. Perfect. I like this image for a few reasons, one of them being that it provides all the attention on the groom, Paul, as they don't always get their fair share of images. Claire is being read her next vow by the registrar, but Paul is keeping all his focus on his wife to be. I snuck down the exit aisle and took my place within the guests to shoot over Claire's shoulder, keeping the backround guests within the frame to show their interest but not to distract from the moment.


Sometimes the environment you hold your ceremony in deserves some attention. This is Emma and Josh during their ceremony, but they're only a small part of the image. It's framed in a way to try and bring your attention to them, the church aisle being a leading line to them, but they are surrounded by their friends and family looking upon them. This amazing Church in Tedburn St Mary provides a great backdrop, with the arches providing multiple frames within the shot, helping to bring some depth to the photograph.


Not every image has to be of the bride and groom. A lot of thought is put into who will attend the big day and they should be photographed too of course. While most people were focused on Jo and Cedric there was one (little) person with other interests. The flower girl was quietly playing with her bouquet throughout the ceremony and started passing out the flowers one by one, in this case looking back to her mum. I like how the seat covers some of her face, providing some scale of size, but also keeps the focus on her eyes.


So much of this photo shows happy anticipation to me. All the planning and effort has finally come to this moment and everyone is happy to be a part of it. This ceremony was at Priston Mill in Bath, Annie is almost at the end of the aisle but she looks so happy to be greeted by her husband to be Jon. Different from the images above, this is almost taken from the same persecutive as Jon, showing you what he sees, which I think is an interesting view point.