And so it begins...

I've spent the last couple of evenings piecing the website together, playing with the format and selecting the photos to display (the fun part) and now it's time to start the 'blog'. I'm intending this to be a page of photography updates, things that I've done within the last week or two and sharing the images captured, along with anything I consider interesting which might help provide some photography ideas.

I have some things planned to update the galleries and will share those events here.

For the first entry however I will share one my favourite photos. It's a photo of my daughter Eve, taken during a walk in the woods. Dressed up in her waterproof jumpsuit (after some lessons being learnt from our previous trip), and her copying me when I knelt down to take the photo. Just so happened to be a nice winter afternoon which provided some great light.

My daughter Eve in Haldon woods copying me.

My daughter Eve in Haldon woods copying me.

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